Concrete Repairs in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham & Across the UK | Restoring Concrete-Based Structures

Concrete is undoubtedly a durable material, but it’s not eternal. Whether exposed to the elements, corrosive forces or the daily wear and tear of business operations, your concrete structures will eventually need repair or replacement. At Hodson Specialist Contractors Ltd, we focus on the repair of deteriorating concrete, thus restoring its structural capacity, as well as the strengthening of concrete buildings in an otherwise sound condition.

Based in Derby, we carry out concrete repairs in all surrounding areas, including Leicester and Nottingham. As specialist contractors with more than 50 years of shared industry experience, we also operate on a nationwide basis.

Our concrete repairs always start with a damage assessment. This not only gives us a full overview of your specific situation, it also allows us to arrive at the proper diagnosis. In many cases, by the time a robust material like concrete shows visible signs of distress, there is often widespread damage.

Whether you have long-standing concrete or even the slightest suspicion of an issue, we strongly advise calling us on 07971 504 609 or 07850 406 154. Of course, we always prioritise simple concrete repairs, but in some cases, replacement work is unavoidable.

A Guide to Concrete Repairs

Below, we have outlined some of the most common forms of concrete repair we perform, be it in local service areas of Derby, Leicester and Nottingham, or anywhere else across the UK.

Patch Repairs

Conventional patch repairs are the primary method of repair for reinforced concrete structures suffering from corrosion or impact damage. As the name suggests, this approach focuses on isolated areas, or patches, of damage. By its nature, this work usually applies to jobs on a smaller scale.

Patch repairs help to limit the extent of further corrosion and prevents the same mechanisms from reoccurring. We also use patch repairs to reinstate delaminated or spalled areas of concrete.

Electrochemical Processes

These concrete repairs provide a useful set of methods for the limiting, and ongoing prevention of, damage to structures affected by reinforcement corrosion. However, even when utilising electrochemical processes, our Derby-based team often performs patch repairs first. When combined with electrochemical treatments, patch solutions become less onerous.

When performed at sites in Leicester, Nottingham or any other location nationwide, electrochemical concrete repairs allow for the repassivation of the internal steel through a temporary, sometimes permanent, cathodic current.

Corrosion Inhibitors

This approach represents one in a variety of techniques focusing on the suppression and control of steel corrosion rates. This proves especially useful in cases of hidden damage within the concrete structure itself. There is a wide selection of corrosion inhibitors on the market, some of which vary in their properties and formulations. However, as part of our bespoke service, we always ensure the ideal solution for your specific needs.

The above only scratches the surface of structural and concrete repairs. As time-served specialists, however, we have unrivalled expertise when it comes to the restoration or replacement of concrete-based materials and structures.

Further techniques we utilise in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and nationwide include:

  • Surface Treatments
  • Specialist Coatings
  • Grouts and Anchors
  • Control Joint Sealing
  • Expansion Joint Sealing
  • Concrete Repair Mortars
  • Vertical Crack Repair and Void Filling
  • Horizontal Crack Repair and Filling Spalls

Hodson Specialist Contractors Ltd are fully approved and accredited applicators for all major materials manufacturers, including Feb MBT Ltd, Mapei (UK) Ltd, Fosroc Expandite Ltd and Instarmac Ltd.

Our services also extend to security fencing, resin flooring and commercial roofing.

Call 07971 504 609 or 07850 406 154 to discuss options for your own concrete repairs, as well as their benefits. Based in Derby, we cover Leicester, Nottingham and all UK locations.