Liquid Roofing in Derby | The Importance of Commercial Property Services

At Hodson Specialist Contractors Ltd, we cover a wide range of commercial property services, from maintenance to new installations. Having established ourselves in the Derby area as a commercial roofing and resin flooring company, especially as a leader in liquid roofing, we have just as much experience in services like security fencing and concrete repairs. When it comes to commercial properties, we’re the only contractor you’ll ever need.

But what makes commercial property maintenance so important? The answer has numerous aspects to it. Below, we have taken a look at the essential elements to highlight why you must stay ahead of your obligations.

Are you due an inspection of your liquid roofing, or other commercial roofing material? Does your Derby premises need concrete repairs, a resin flooring upgrade or new security fencing? Call Hodson Specialist Contractors Ltd to schedule a site visit and initial consultation regarding any maintenance or improvement works.

Why are Maintenance and Improvements So Important?


If you run a business operation, you must ensure the protection of your employees, visitors and customers. Failure to do so can result in injury. If this happens, a compensation case could soon follow. Needless to say, staying ahead of maintenance and improvement work drastically reduces the chances of injuries occurring at your Derby premises.

New liquid roofing applications (or any other type of commercial roofing), patch concrete repairs or new resin floors represent great solutions for an immediate increase in safety.


Sadly, business premises will always hold an appeal for vandals and thieves. It remains essential, then, that you don’t allow features like security fencing to lapse. A physical barrier that protects your products, equipment, machinery and all round operations provides an obvious deterrent to would-be criminals.

Much like commercial roofing or resin flooring, if the security fencing at your Derby-based property has a hole in it, it’s quickly going to lead to problems.

Budget Management

Every business wants to maximise profits, of course. But this shouldn’t come at the expense of investment in property maintenance and improvement. For example, avoiding concrete repairs and the associated costs may save money now, but it will only lead to a much larger problem in the future. The same goes for liquid roofing installations, resin flooring and security fencing.

Whether in Derby or any other location, consistent investment in commercial roofing, flooring and other surfaces will always represent a more cost-effective, and secure, approach than waiting for the worst to happen.

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