Security Fencing in Leicester | The Benefits of Our Commercial Property Services

Hodson Specialist Contractors Ltd delivers a wide range of services to maintain and develop commercial properties. Whether in Leicester or the neighbouring areas, our industry expertise, work ethic and attention to detail, not to mention superior materials, provides numerous benefits.

Are you considering new security fencing? Do you need to carry out concrete repairs? Have you been researching the possibility of switching to liquid roofing? As a commercial roofing and resin flooring company, we can turn any ideas and initial concepts relating to projects like these into stunning realities.

Below, we have examined some of the benefits associated with our core services. To take your first step toward improving the aesthetics and performance of your Leicester-based premises, please call us on 07971 504 609 or 07850 406 154.

Security Fencing

Unsurprisingly, the primary benefit of installing new security fencing at your property is increased security. Fencing represents part of a safeguarding infrastructure, protecting your products, operations and employees from unwanted intruders and vandals.

Much like liquid roofing and resin flooring, security fencing has a customisable element. You can choose from multiple styles and looks to suit the security needs and existing design scheme of your Leicester property.

These fencing installations also offer increased access control while delivering outstanding long-term value for money.

Concrete Repairs

Much like commercial roofing, concrete repairs focus on core, often structural, elements of your property. From car parks to walls, if your concrete falls into a state of disrepair, you will soon face numerous costly repair bills.

Restoring concrete plays a vital role in maintaining the safety and overall appearance of your building and premises. Depending on its location and condition, failing concrete represents an injury risk, be it falling from above or as a trip hazard. Naturally, concrete repairs remedy this.

As with new security fencing, recently repaired concrete ensures optimal resale value for your Leicester property. Even if you don’t have any plans to sell, concrete repairs swiftly resolve smaller issues before they develop into much larger problems. For the ultimate protection, consider a resin flooring finish, as outlined below.

Commercial Roofing

Hodson Specialist Contractors Ltd leads the way in liquid roofing applications. In fact, we were the first contractors in Britain to work with the manufacturers of Dacfill HZ to establish working practices for substrates previously thought unsuitable for fluid-applied roofing systems.

Commercial roofing requires a fine balance of optimal cost-effectiveness and fast turnaround times with minimal disruption. In these cases, liquid roofing ticks every box.

When on site at your Leicester property, we clear and prepare the substrate before applying the roofing fluid. It then cures to create a seamless, waterproof covering. This improves the safety, storm resistance, energy efficiency and resale value of your building.

Resin Flooring

As specialists in security fencing, concrete repairs and liquid roofing, our services focus on durability and safety. Resin flooring is no different. It is tough, durable and chemical-resistant, making it the ideal choice for businesses in and around Leicester. This flooring also has impressive flexibility when under stress, allowing it to withstand the rigours of practically any working environment.

What’s more, resin flooring has a compressive strength far in excess of concrete. It also dissipates loads, thus increasing the weight-bearing limit of the concrete base beneath it.

As with our commercial roofing, resin flooring also has aesthetically pleasing, anti-slip qualities. When combined with an easy-to-maintain nature, and consequent hygiene, resin flooring makes the perfect option for your business property.

To find out how security fencing, concrete repairs, liquid roofing and resin flooring can benefit your Leicester property, call us on 07971 504 609 or 07850 406 154.