Liquid Roofing in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby & Nationwide | Quick, Durable & Waterproof

Hodson Specialist Contractors Ltd installs, repairs and maintains liquid roofing applications on properties across the UK. This commercial roofing solution provides incredible versatility, quick turnaround times and immaculate finishes. With their clean aesthetics and renowned durability, they tick every box for business owners looking to manage costs. Of equal importance, they keep downtime and disruption to an absolute minimum.

Operating out of Derby, we have an unrivalled reputation for quality throughout the surrounding region, from Leicester to Nottingham. As evidenced on our Checkatrade account, however, we also have satisfied clients nationwide.

When it comes to liquid roofing, we tailor our approach to meet any requirement. Whether you need to refit an existing roof to improve foot-traffic capabilities, or you simply want to replace an old or damaged roofing system that has seen better days, we always find the perfect solution.

What is Liquid Roofing?

Commercial roofing structures remain exposed to the elements day after day. Naturally, over time, the material protecting properties in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and nationwide will degrade and fail. New roof installations represent significant investments, so it’s vital to optimise long-term cost-effectiveness.

In this regard, liquid roofing applications carried out by Hodson Specialist Contractors tick every box. Our highly skilled, vastly experienced team performs all necessary surface preparation tasks. This includes removal of moss and debris, but doesn’t involve the stripping of existing roofing materials.

We then coat the roofing structure with multiple layers of a specially designed, market-leading fluids. Our contractors use superior products for long-lasting results, including those manufactured by Dacfill HZ. When applied, these fluids solidify quickly to produce a seamless, waterproof barrier.

As an added bonus, the cold application process eliminates the need for any form of heat, making it much safer than torch-on materials.

Once installed, any damage incurred by accidental impacts or structural changes are easy to repair. We can even incorporate repaired areas into the seamless membrane.

The Benefits of Liquid Roofing

Are you considering a liquid application for your commercial roofing? Whether in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham or anywhere else in the UK, liquid roofing delivers multiple benefits, including:

  • Versatility to Suit Any Roof Design
  • Swift Application Process
  • A Cost-effective Solution
  • Minimal Disruption and Downtime
  • A Safe Cold-application Process
  • Decreased Thermal Movement

As an added benefit, when this commercial roofing membrane reaches the end of its expected lifespan, our contractors can easily renew it with a simple topcoat. What’s more, this process only costs approximately 30% of the original installation.

For the ultimate peace of mind, we offer 25-year warranties for new liquid roofing installations.

Hodson Specialist Contractors Ltd covers every aspect of commercial property maintenance and improvement. This includes services such as concrete repairs, security fencing and resin flooring.

Whether in Derby, Leicester or Nottingham, or anywhere else in the UK, we’re the only contractor you’ll ever need.

Find out how liquid roofing can benefit your own property in Derby, Leicester Nottingham or anywhere in the UK. Call us on 07971 504 609 or 07850 406 154.