Resin Flooring in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby & Nationwide | Superior Durability, Design & Safety

Resin flooring is a hard-wearing plastic surface created by mixing various ingredients. This combination results in a fast, yet controlled, chemical reaction which produces an incredibly durable finish. With additional qualities like chemical- and slip-resistance and easy maintenance, it’s no surprise that this flooring remains one of the most popular for commercial and industrial properties across the UK.

Located in Derby, we cover all surrounding areas, from Leicester to Nottingham. But we are also a truly nationwide company. From care homes to councils, Hodson Specialist Contractors Ltd has laid resin flooring in commercial properties large and small, as well as those with more complex dimensions.

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How Does Resin Flooring Work?

There are three main types of resin flooring:

Each flooring option provides differing benefits, so we make our recommendation depending on the type of business you have and the demands you plan to place on the surface. Whether operating locally in Leicester and Nottingham, or anywhere across the country, our Derby-based team always offers a bespoke service designed to optimise your results.

However, in their simplest form, these floors contain formulated synthetic resins and separate hardeners. As performance demands grow, so does the number of ingredients. This not only increases the floor’s thickness, it enhances durability too. Extra ingredients can include pigments, aggregates, decorative flakes and chips or even cement powder.

Regardless of the composition, most resin flooring makes use of a primer. This penetrates into, or undergoes a reaction with, your property’s substrate. In turn, this creates a reliable, strong bond that lays the foundation for the floor’s longevity.

Above the primer is the main structural layer, or body coat. This gives the floor much of its thickness, providing most of the performance elements like flexibility, impact resistance and compressive strength. The body coat also defines the floor’s decorative finish.

Final seal coats finish off resin flooring installations. These encapsulate the main structural layer and deliver final performance attributes, including resistance to chemicals and daily wear. Be it a warehouse in Derby, a factory in Leicester or a council property in Nottingham, your completed floor will provide unrivalled performance, aesthetics and safety for many years to come.

An Array of Benefits

Resin flooring has an incredible amount of benefits. Below, we have listed some of the most popular, as confirmed by our many happy clients across Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and the UK.

  • Load Dissipation for a Higher Weight-bearing Limit
  • Compressive Strength Greater than Concrete
  • Resistance to Chemicals and Abrasions
  • Almost Unlimited Design Options
  • Prevention of Substrate Damage
  • Safer Working Environments
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Impressive Hygiene
  • Anti-Slip Qualities
  • Easy to Maintain

Call 07971 504 609 or 07850 406 154 to discuss how resin flooring can benefit your own commercial property. Based in Derby, we cover Leicester, Nottingham and the UK.