Security Fencing in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester & Nationwide | Protecting People & Property

If you operate a business or have a premises you want to secure, creating a physical barrier which prevents free and open entry remains the best course of action. The fencing division at Hodson Specialist Contractors Ltd designs, supplies and installs conventional and non-conventional security fencing solutions. From offices to council-owned properties, our installations give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Based in Derby, our company covers all surrounding locations. These include primary service areas such as Leicester and Nottingham. We also operate on a nationwide basis, however, so we can take on security fencing projects across the UK.

Security fencing comes in various designs, including:

To schedule an initial consultation regarding your own security fencing needs, please contact us on 07971 504 609 or 07850 406 154. Our personnel happily travel to locations in our hometown of Derby, neighbouring areas like Leicester and Nottingham, or anywhere else in the UK.

Choosing the Right Security Fencing

To ensure optimal security for your property or premises, you must choose the appropriate fencing option. As such, we have introduced the most popular types of security fencing below.

Palisade Fencing

Made from premium-quality steel, Palisade fencing has formidable uprights with optional spiked tops. The vertical bars have been designed to make them all but impossible to climb. This creates a highly visible barrier and deterrent against trespass.

Palisade fencing makes an ideal choice for commercial premises, warehouses and vehicular or industrial yards. The open slots between the uprights also make this design suitable for high-wind areas.

Welded Mesh Fencing

Constructed from steel wire, welded mesh fencing is commonly seen at schools and sporting facilities as well as commercial properties and high-security sites. With impressive through visibility, this security fencing creates an ‘invisible’ screen that doesn’t compromise CCTV.

With adaptable post tops, welded mesh installations can easily integrate additional security features, lighting and cameras. Be it flat profiles in Derby, V-mesh styles in Leicester or close-knit panels in Nottingham, we tailor your installation to meet your specific needs.

Chain Link Fencing

One of the UK’s most popular security fencing options, chain link installations represent the perfect perimeter solution for many commercial properties. Chain link fences don’t have the visible hostility of spiked, high-security alternatives, but still provide an evident barrier. In addition, the subtle ‘give’ in the fence’s structure reduces the risk of injury for anyone falling or running into it.

As a result, chain link fences are a common choice for playgrounds, sports fields or securing animals and pets. Bolted-down systems mean this design can also operate effectively in locations with high winds.

Mesh Panel Fencing

This security fencing choice has gained its popularity due to a relatively attractive appearance. We typically use mesh panel designs to provide medium security, making it more of an aesthetically pleasing perimeter fencing. With great through visibility, mesh panel options allow people to see in and out while still keeping facilities or premises secure.

No matter which security fencing option you require, we can integrate gates for convenient, controlled access to your site in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham or anywhere else in the UK.

Our specialist services also include resin flooring, concrete repairs and commercial roofing.

Call 07971 504 609 or 07850 406 154 to discuss the benefits of your preferred security fencing option. We cover locations in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and nationwide.